The product series ROWAFLEX® offers highly efficient additives for waterbased and thermoplastic powder filled pastes.

These print pastes are designed for rotary screen printing on textile substrates. The addition of our additives mainly provide following properties:

  • positively influence the desired dot shape
  • ability to reduce melting temperature and thus fusing conditions
  • ability to reduce melt viscosity
  • increase elasticity
  • reduce hardness and increase bond strength

We guide and support your paste development and consultative compile the paste formulation meeting your specific requirements. Trust in more than 25 years of experience and development.

Product name Type
ROWAFLEX® DF 2 Defoamer
ROWAFLEX® TH 3 Thickener
ROWAFLEX® TH 4 Thickener
ROWAFLEX® TH 5 Thickener
ROWAFLEX® X 100 Paste Stabilizer
ROWAFLEX® X 502 Plasticizer
ROWAFLEX® X 572 Emulsifier
ROWAFLEX® X 600 Crosslinker
ROWAFLEX® X 800 Dispersions