The development of market-driven products made ROWAK AG became an important industrial partner for thermoplastics and derived products in the world. Since foundation in 1974 we continously develop innovative products for international markets such as Apparel, Hometextiles, technical Textiles, Shoe- and Leather applications, Automotive, Filtration, Hygiene and Cosmetics.

Beside our standard product range we offer custom-made product solutions that we develop in cooperation with our clients.

Experience your benefit to work with ROWAK. Get in contact with us for application oriented solutions and services. Our experienced employees support your inquiry and guide development period throughout final application and aftersales support.


ROWAK AG operates worldwide agencies and sales partners. They are able to serve regional needs and support locally.
Get in contact with us to set up initial contact to our regional sales partners.

Milestones Timeline


Foundation  - Launch of first thermoplastic adhesive powders


Development of functional powder blends for technical coatings and laminations


Production of thermoplastic ROWALIT® Polyurethanes in micro powder size


Start of production of additional grinding capacity at our production site in Klettgau


Market launch of ROWAFLEX® – Pastenadditives for water-based and powder-filled pastes / Rotary screen printing


Extension of our Technical Center with a multifunctional Pilot-Coating Unit


Development of thermoplastic adhesive powders based on ECO-Polymers (renewable basic materials)


First ECO-Passport by Oekotex Certification


Launch of Sustainable BIOPOW Product Series - Renewable and/or Biodegradable Adhesive Powders.


Start-up of new photovoltaic system with capacity of 99 KWh, more capacity to follow soon.



Our headquarters located in Zurich is central to our companies management and commercial activities. Our Business Units Thermoplastic Adhesives and Additives are located in our Zurich office. A major part of our products are manufactured in our plant in Germany.

We are represented close to our international markets on many continents. Due to our regional sales agents we are able to provide local services for the benfit of our branched clients.


At our location in Klettgau, our biggest manufacturing site, we also run our logistics and laboratory activities. Our technical center is dedicated to provide our clients application oriented possibilities to test our products with their own materials. Trials can be designed to individual requirements. Product developments or material tests are executed by our skilled professionals team.


Technical / Salesment

Unsolicited applications of specialized personnel in areas of plastics processing, coating industry or machinery for coating technologies are welcome.

Your application is kindly addressed to our swiss headquarters