The emulsifier-containing crosslinker is been used in combination with aminoterminated copolyamides (eg. ROWALIT® 200-63) in aqueous paste formulations. They are applied by pastedot coating or spray nozzle. In pastedot coating, a further processing with doubledot technology can be considered if special results are targeted.

Due to the cross-linking process, a variety of advantages can be used:

  • Excellent heat resistance (>150°C)
  • High resistance against commonly used cleaning processes
  • High resistance against organic solvents

The application in the garment industry (doubledot-technology) result in many positive properties as:

  • excellent prevention of strike-through and strike-back
  • good bond strength
  • especially good results on “open”-substrates

Product nameType
ROWAFLEX® X 600 Crosslinker