Preventive technologies to reduce flammability of materials und their requirements become more important and comprehensive.

For this reason ROWAK AG develops hotmelt adhesive powders that meet flame-retardant guideliness (ie. FMVSS, DIN) and show good bonding properties. They are typically processed by scatter coating technology.

ROWALIT® FS flame-retardant powders usually cover a melting range of 100-130°C.

Product nameTypeMelting rangeMelt Flow IndexPowder sizesResistance to dry cleaningHand ironEnzyme washingWashing resistanceSteam resistanceStone-wash resistanceHeat resistanceFusing conditions with flow-through-pressAppearance
PastedotDoubledotPowderdotScatterGranulesLamination temperaturePneumatic pressureTime
ROWALIT® FS-9 Flame-retardant Powders110 – 120 °C DSC 95 °C130 – 160 °C3 – 5 N/cm²10 – 20 Sek.
ROWALIT® FS-16 Flame-retardant Powders110 – 120 °C DSC 95 °C