Ionomers are polymerized through copolymerisation of a nonpolar with a polar monomer. The polar linkage push back crystallization and cause a ionic cross linking.

Our special adhesive powders based on Ionomers provide particularly following properties:

  • resistance against acids, bases, fats, oils and solvents
  • no electric conductivity

ROWALIT® Ionomer is successfully used in the automotive industry.

Product name Type Melting range Melt Flow Index Powder sizes Resistance to dry cleaning Hand iron Enzyme washing Washing resistance Steam resistance Stone-wash resistance Heat resistance Fusing conditions with flow-through-press Appearance
Pastedot Doubledot Powderdot Scatter Granules Lamination temperature Pneumatic pressure Time
ROWALIT® SS 8 Ionomer 95 – 100 °C DSC 6 g / 10 Min. (MFI 190°C) 80 °C 130 – 150 °C 3 – 5 N/cm² 10 – 20 Sek.