Ionomers are polymerized through copolymerisation of a nonpolar with a polar monomer. The polar linkage push back crystallization and cause a ionic cross linking.

Our special adhesive powders based on Ionomers provide particularly following properties:

  • resistance against acids, bases, fats, oils and solvents
  • no electric conductivity

ROWALIT® Ionomer is successfully used in the automotive industry.

Product nameTypeMelting rangeMelt Flow IndexPowder sizesResistance to dry cleaningHand ironEnzyme washingWashing resistanceSteam resistanceStone-wash resistanceHeat resistanceFusing conditions with flow-through-pressAppearance
PastedotDoubledotPowderdotScatterGranulesLamination temperaturePneumatic pressureTime
ROWALIT® SS 8 Ionomer95 – 100 °C DSC 6 g / 10 Min. (MFI 190°C) 80 °C130 – 150 °C3 – 5 N/cm²10 – 20 Sek.