Technical Center

Our Technical Center is designed to provide our clients possibilities to run trials in a small scale with little effort. A great variety of advantages are offered:

  • Low expenditure of time
  • Great variety of different hotmelt adhesives and substrates to test
  • High flexibility (i.e. change of coating parameters or testing materials)
  • Different application methods
  • Fast decision making

Multifunctional Pilot-Coating Unit

Due to our latest expansion our technical center has reached a new level of opportunities. Our new multifunctional pilot coating unit contributed a major part. With high reproducibility we are able to deliver services as:

  • Manufacturing of whole laminates (technical items)
  • Bonding tests of already coated materials (i.e. interlinings)
  • Manufacturing of single-side coated substrates for further processing

Feeding 2nd substrate and IR-Unit    Bond strength measuring

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