Energy Management

With its systematic energy management ROWAK AG as an appropriate instrument to increase the energy efficiency continuously. By achievable cost savings and consistent use of these potentials it strengthens our competitiveness. The energy management system has an influence on organizational and technical processes and behaviors. It lowers economic point of occupational total energy consumption (also required for the production of energy) and the consumption of basic and additional materials and continuously improving the energy efficiency of the company.

The energy management system systematically measures energy flows. It helps in the decision to invest in energy efficiency. It puts us in a position to comply with the commitments in the energy policy and to improve the energy performance through a systematic approach continuously. Through the energy management system, energy policy will be designed and executed (including the strategic and operational goals and action plans), the planning, implementation and operation, monitoring and measuring, control and correction, internal audits and regular management review.

Competence in Bonding Technologies

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