Crosslinker with Emulsifier for aminoterminated copolyamides

Type Crosslinker
Chemical Basis Blend fatty alcohol/ trifunctional polyacrylate
Appearance clear, almost colorless liquid
pH-Value 6 - 8
Product viscosity in mPa.s 0.1 - 100
standard Brookfield RVT, Sp. 2/20 rpm


ROWAFLEX® X 600 is a blend of emulsifier and crosslinker particulary developed for aminoterminated copolyamides. It is used for direct lamination as well as for base coating for double dot technology.

Pastes with ROWAFLEX® X 600 and aminoterminated copolyamides:

  • are easy and fast to prepare
  • are having excellent running properties
  • are free of organic solvents and enviromentalfriendly
  • provide good adhesion values for different fabrics
  • are having high resistance against heat, steam, solvent- and wash treatments


ROWAFLEX® X 600 combines the emulsion effect with thermosetting process of aminoterminated copolyamides after curing.
It can be dissolved in cold water together with aminoterminated copolyamide finepowder and has to be used within 4 hours ( open time after preparing ). Once it is printed on the substrate for direct lamination, the second substrate should be added direct behind the sinter channel or on lamination unit within 3 hours ( open time after coating ).
For double dot application the thermosetting process starts directly under IR-heater and the base dot becomes duroplastic afterwards.

Guide recipe recommendation
Crosslinkable paste system

Water / H2O 55 kg
ROWAFLEX® DF 2 0.2 kg
ROWAFLEX® X 600 3 kg
ROWALIT® 200-63, 0-80 30 kg
ROWAFLEX® TH 3 0.4 kg
ROWAFLEX® X 100 10 kg
Version: 20.10.2021