Plasticizer and Emulsifier for thermoplastic adhesives

Type Plasticizer
Chemical Basis Blend Ethox. fatty alcohol / sulfonamide
Appearance slight yellowish liquid
pH-Value 6 - 8
Product viscosity in mPa.s 1000 - 1500
standard Brookfield RVT, Sp. 5/20 rpm


ROWAFLEX® X 501 is a blend of emulsifier/plasticizer for thermoplastic hotmelt powders like copolyamide, copolyester, HDPE and polyurethane. This product has a high efficiency dispersing force.

Formulations with ROWAFLEX® X 501

  • are easy and fast to prepare
  • have positive influence to melt flow characteristic (reduce the fusing parameters)
  • free of organic solvents and enviromental friendly
  • improve adhesion to various substrates
  • improve wash-and DC resistance due to unique chemical structure
  • are very efficient, therefore low quantities are required


ROWAFLEX® X 501 is used in waterbased paste formulations. It disperses the powder and gives positive results to adhesion and resistances to various substrates.
For „100 kg ready made paste“ with solid content of 35% only 3.00 – 4.50 kg of ROWAFLEX® 501 is required. It is easy to prepare and has a high solution force in water.

Guide recipe recommendation
Copolyamide paste with plasticizer

Water / H20 55 kg
ROWAFLEX® DF 2 0.2 kg
ROWAFLEX® X 501 3 kg
ROWALIT® 200-2, 0-80 30 kg
ROWAFLEX® TH 3 0.4 kg
ROWAFLEX® X 100 10 kg
Version: 20.10.2021