Polypropylene for textile coatings (ROWALIT® 600-Series) is manufactured by solution polymerization at low-pressure process. Specific catalysts with isotactic order of CH3-groups are used in this process.

Initial bond strenght of PP is relatively moderate in comparison to other thermoplastic adhesives. To benefit from its good heat stability, polypropylene powders are used in modified form for example in automotive applications.

Polypropylene Structure

Thermoplastic polypropylene hotmelt adhesives are characterized by higher melting points and very low melt viscosity.

Heat stability in dependence of melting point (Fp°C) and MFI (230°C/10min)

Chemical properties

Polypropylene provides good resistance against most aqueous solutions of alkali and salts, lubricants/oils, chlorinated hydrocarbons and alcohols. Not stabilized polypropylene is sensitive to UV-radiation.

Technological properties

Polypropylene can be formed (eg. blow molding / extrusion) in dependence to its MFI. As beforehand mentioned, bonding properties are less favourable comparing to other thermoplastic adhesives. Due to its modification they are suitable to achieve high heat resistances / stability.

Ecological aspects

Due to its environmental-friendly behaviour and excellent mechanical properties, polypropylene is a plastic with strong growth rates (especially in automotive applications).

Polypropylene ( PP ) as thermoplastic hotmelt adhesive

The ROWALIT® 600 Series is primarily used in manufacturing of composites in motor compartment isolation. For coating purposes, low-molecular homopolymers are suitable. Due to its comparable high melting points, they are ideally used in bondings of technical textiles (car roof, rear shelves, motor compartment isolation). Here specific heat resistances are required.

Furthermore, polypropylene powders can be used in shirt applications, eg. professional clothing, that is washed and treated with commercial cleaning processes and presses (risk of sanforizing).


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