Emulsifiers for thermoplastic paste formulations

Rowak AG has introduced a highly efficient plasticizer-free emulsifier on the market. It is widely used in product formulations (ROWAFLEX ® X 570) and in thermoplastic paste formulations. The good emulsifying allows rapid stirring.

The basic of a plasticizer-free thermoplastic paste formulation is as following:

Why plasticizer-free emulsifiers?

There are a number of hot melt adhesives which do not react with plasticizers.
This might result in not decreasing the melting point and melt flow index which changes the bonding conditions.

These are the following hot-melt adhesive types:

The reverse effect is also possible if for example low melting and low viscose Copolyamide are mixed with emulsifiers containing plasticizer (for example ROWAFLEX ® X 500).
The influence on the melting point and melt viscosity could lead to an over fixation (the point is so fluid that it penetrates deep into the substrate) and reduces the adhesion forces.

Chemical structure

The emulsifiers for thermoplastic paste formulations of Rowak AG are based on non-ionic tensides. Emulsifiers are a resulting product from the chemical reaction between ethylene oxide and fatty alcohols.

The reaction is as following:

These reactions are processed by applying mixtures of ethoxylates with varying polyglycol chains.

With modern techniques it is possible to produce different lengths of polyglycol chains which allows products for various applications.

Properties of emulsifiers

The Rowak AG non-ionic emulsifier have a strong resistance towards all electrolytes. They are also mixable and highly compatible in thermoplastic paste formulations with anionic- and cationic-active products. Heat and cold have no effect on the chemical properties.
They do not decompose even after long storage, nor do they lose effectiveness.
The solubility is determined by the chain length of the polyglycol ether.
With increasing ethylene oxide content the hydrophilicity is increasing, so that ROWAFLEX emulsifiers are highly soluble in water and oils.

Without the addition of suitable emulsifiers in thermoplastic paste formulations, a clean solid paste printing and a high operational reliability is not possible.

Under the economical aspect the emulsifier additives costs shall be moderately. 
The following diagram shows the quantitative composition of a thermoplastic paste formulation. In our case, the proportion of the emulsifier is set with 1.00 kg basis.

Standard paste formulation

 Water / H2O   58,50
 Defoamer, eg. ROWAFLEX DF 2       0,20
 EMULSIFIER, eg. ROWAFLEX X 570    1,00
 Thermoplastic fine powder    30,00
 Thickener, eg. ROWAFLEX TH 3    0,50
 Stabilizer, eg. ROWAFLEX X 100    10,00




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