Application and Technical Support

Product- and Application-oriented Support

  • Onsite presence at our clients and interested parties
  • At our technical center in Klettgau
  • In cooperation with institutes and external laboratories

Trial Operations

  • At our pilot coating unit in Klettgau
    •    manufacturing of whole laminates (technical items)
    •    bonding tests of already coated materials (interlinings)
    •    manufacturing of single-side coated substrates for further processing
  • Jointly at our clients' site and interested parties
  • Documentation of all trials with performance of test methods and their properties
  • Analysis of results and product recommendation

Your Benefits
  • Save Time - your opportunity to test various ROWALIT® Hotmelt adhesive powders to attain the favored results in a short period of time
  • Save Costs - cost savings as there is no need to run equivalent tests on production scale coating lines. A great reproducibility of your results is guaranteed
  • Efficiency - as various tests such as lamination, coating and fixation can be run quickly without converting machinery

So come along, challenge us, benefit and learn more about us. Take your opportunity to visit us in Klettgau.
Competence in Bonding Technologies

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